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Medical Eyecare

Get comprehensive medical eye care for your every ill!

  • Allergies: Ocular allergies are endemic in the Coachella Valley. Where in other areas of the country they are usually seasonal, many of us unfortunately experience these all year. While avoidance of the offending source is the preferred “cure”, we cannot always achieve it. We therefore routinely prescribe medications to alleviate the itching, watering and redness associated with ocular allergy.

  • Cataracts: Besides aging, there are many causes and types of cataracts leading to the loss in transparency of the crystalline lens. While there is no cure short of surgical removal; prevention or, in the least, slowing the progression is desirable. Also, with all the new implants available and a myriad of surgeons to choose from, we are here to advise or in some cases to co-manage.

  • Corneal abrasions and foreign body removal: Whether at home, in the garage or garden, or on the job, corneal and conjunctival injuries need to be treated quickly and aggressively to limit damage, prevent infection and speed recovery.

  • Dry Eye: Welcome to the dry eye capital of the world. While there are too many causes of this ubiquitous condition to list here, suffice it to say, if you are living here you probably have it. Fortunately there are many therapies for dry eye syndrome, including simply eye lid hygiene, tear supplementation, topical and oral medications, oral nutritional supplements, bandage contact lenses, and punctal occlusion (closing the openings to the tear drains).

  • Macular degeneration: Macular degeneration is by far the leading cause of severe vision loss for those 50 and over. The macula is the area of the retina which corresponds to your straight ahead central vision. My goal is to detect macular degeneration early, monitor it, and help prevent it from getting worse. Often I can catch it in its earliest stages and with ultraviolet protection and nutritional supplementation; I can help accomplish this goal. If the disease appears to be advancing to the “wet” form, a referral to a retinal specialist is appropriate.

  • Pink eye: Pink eye is a generic term for any inflammatory condition of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the membrane covering the anterior white of the eye (sclera). Inflammation can be caused by many factors some of which are mechanical, bacterial, viral, allergic, dryness, chemical, ultra violet light and contact lenses. Finding the cause or causes determines the proper ameliorative response which may include antibacterial and / or anti-inflammatory medications.

Does your problem require surgery?

If your eye problems are so great that they cannot be solved with medication and a doctor’s touch, you may need something more substantive.

Being a full scope optometric practice, we co-manage both LASIK and cataract surgery with local surgeons:​

  • LASIK: Success with refractive surgery begins with a thorough screening process. After a thorough evaluation we can help you determine if your expectations are realistic and if LASIK is the best option. If so, we recommend you to our preferred surgery center at which time you decide whether LASIK is right for you. After surgery we do a full year of follow-up.

  • Cataract surgery: As part of my routine examination, I observe and evaluate cataracts. As cataracts advance, the lenses necessary to correct your sight change. When these no longer do the job, I recommend surgery. Most cataract surgeons do their own post-surgery care however I occasionally do.

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